Notes from the Farm

We have closed the picking fields. We will remain closed until Mid-April. There will be no pumpkins this year. We are planning on a very big season next year. We are planning on more strawberries, Strawberry and Fall Festivals, corn maze, a venue for picnics and concerts, and more. I will post more on the venue when we get it completed.

 If you have any questions just email me or call and leave a message. Hope to see you all soon.








Important notices from the farm

To produce the best berries that we possibly can, we are now using low tunnels to keep the rain off the berries. This will help prevent rain damage and fungal disease. This will reduce the use of fungicides, just as we use beneficial insects to help reduce the use of pesticides. 

This being said, we will have to leave the wire hoops, plastic sheets and sandbags in some of the rows. This will create a tripping hazard.  Signs will be posted for these areas.

Please call, check here or Facebook for Berry availibity.

IwillWe except all forms of payment: cash, check, and credit cards (we charge a 2.75% fee on credit cards to cover processing) 

The Next Season

The next season will be Raspberries. 







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